How to become a cycling influencer (that I will enjoy following)

How to become an influencer

March 27, 2021 Swiss newspaper Le Temps recently published an article on cycling influencers. It was interesting to see a mainstream media writing about such a niche subject and the journalist, Florian Delafoi, did a great job. And I’m not saying this because he interviewed me. No, I just learnt something and it made me think. Good journalism. In the … Read More

This is not about my awesome day out

This is not about my awesome day out

February 9, 2021 This post is not about another awesome outdoor experience I had. Like yesterday, where I had a great workout and skied perfect snow on my local mountain (photographic evidence above). Nope.  Today’s weather forecast was sub par so I thought it would be OK to squeeze a bunch of video calls in my schedule. I did a … Read More

When life gives you snow, make lifelong memories

When life gives you snow

January 25, 2021 “Let’s go for a ride tomorrow, 3 hours to get some base miles in” said Luca, “there is a window of good weather in the morning”. Luca is an optimist and the window did not materialise; instead we woke up to a thick layer of new snow… all the way down to the valley floor. There would … Read More

Mountain stage

March 25, 2020 Hey, how is this new life going? I can’t complain for now. We are lucky to live in the mountains and spring is upon us. The snow melts quickly but we don’t care because our ski resort shut down like everywhere else. Of course, the coronavirus has a bigger impact on our everyday life. My son’s daycare … Read More

Instagraham strikes again

February 21, 2020 This is the type of message I get from time to time from Graham. Remember him? He’s the week warrior from a story I wrote for this blog some time ago. Since then, he has earned another nickname: Instagraham, for his inclination to take and post A LOT of photos. Graham’s message was timely as I’m training for the Patrouille des Glaciers, which … Read More

Chasing Cancellara Zurich-Zermatt: my recipe for success

Chasing Cancellara Zurich Zermatt

In a desperate attempt to revive my clinically dead blog, I am posting below an adaptation of an article I recently published on Swiss French website Stay tuned, the next post may show up in less than 6 months… August 19, 2019 My Ultrafondo Tour des Stations was a resounding success. Starting in last position and dropped by the … Read More

2018: another year on the road

2018 another year on the road

December 25, 2018 2018 was another great year on the bike. Here is a selection of my best photos, from the roads of the Giro to the snowy slopes of my beloved Alpes Vaudoises. Enjoy and have a fantastic 2019 full of long bike rides, trips to new places, good food, meaningful moments with your friends and families, and time … Read More

Autumn riding in Switzerland: it’s like summer, but better

Cyclist climbing towards Schwägalp in northeastern Switzerland

October 29, 2018 I’m writing this piece on the way back from a family vacation in Tuscany with my wife Lillie and our son Ben. A perfect week of riding, eating, laughing and relaxing in the beautiful Tuscan light. This reminds me that I was not so relaxed at the same time last year: I was rushing to wrap up … Read More

How to find purpose: lose your job

How to find purpose: lose your job

June 5, 2018 Less than 4 years ago, I was working in an office – of an organisation I had been employed by since 1994. Things were not bad: my colleagues were cool (well, most of them) and I was making good money. We had free coffee, and I was riding my bike at lunchtime. I was enjoying myself and … Read More

The death bedtime story

February 27, 2018 Nobody on their deathbed has ever said “I wish I had spent more time at the office”. Chances are you’ve read this somewhere, and the popularity of this quote suggests something to me: there are many people out there who are bored by their job and wish they were doing something else; that’s scary. Until robots replace us, … Read More

My Strava is bigger than yours

My Strava is bigger than yours

January 5, 2018 We live in a world obsessed by data. We want to measure everything. How many likes did I get on my latest Instagram picture? how many steps did I take today? How many calories did I burn? In cycling, this obsession has a name and it’s Strava. We all know it: if it’s not on Strava, it … Read More

Simple pleasures

Passquartett photo by Alain Rumpf

December 8, 2017 What do we do when we have some down time? Chances are, we look at a screen. An old fashioned TV screen for those of us who were born in the 20th century, or more likely a laptop, a tablet or a phone. You might want to read this post by the awesome Semi-Rad about our addiction … Read More